Profitable Landscaping Business Methods


Tree removal, tree planting and tree trimming along with choosing the best plants to thrive in the climate zone where the project is located are all parts of landscaping and tree service company work. It may look easy but it is not. There are many things that must be decided before the work starts so that the finished project will survive and grow to maturity looking great. To make it even more difficult for the landscape company clients are often not knowledgeable in what will work and what won’t. Since it is their money it is a challenge for the landscape company to guide them to the right decisions on what types of trees and shrubs to plant etc.

What happens when the inexperienced client forces plant choices are the plants may not survive? Then they typically want to blame the landscape business. So, it is important that the landscape business document the choices by the client and put in writing as much as possible that the choices may not survive. This can be a delicate situation and require good sales skills and people skills for the business owner. The truth is many clients are very difficult to deal with and they often make the job very difficult.

landscape-business-projectAnother challenge for the business owner is that plant availability oftentimes depends on the season. Sometimes certain plants a customer may want are not available during the time of the project. Customers can be very demanding and have difficulty accepting reality! What can the business do? Help them to find alternative plant selections.

Another challenge the landscape business faces is the watering needs of different types of plants. Especially in desert climates this is important. The watering needs of a succulent are very different than a shrub. The watering needs of trees are very different than grass and gardens. Most clients don’t realize the importance of this. What this means is the more groups of plants and trees that are planted will require more zones of watering distribution. It is not possible to put the tree watering zone on the grass watering zone.

Tree watering needs may be required once or twice a week with a long duration for the water application. Trees have deep roots so it is best to apply the water for longer periods of time so it has time to penetrate to deeper roots. The professional tree removal company in Mesa AZ has provided great guidance on tree service needs. Grass, on the other hand has much shallower root systems. Therefor it will need a shorter watering cycle time. It will also need water much more frequently than the trees since the top soil surface will dry out much quicker than deeper soil.

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